Affordable Calgary Hot Water Tank Installation & Repair

It’s very difficult to get through the day without ready access to a supply of hot water, and that’s what a hot water tank does - it’s a place for hot water to be stored until you need it. But if your hot water tank has stopped working, what do you do?

If you get up in the morning, turn on the shower and find that you have no hot water in the house, pick up the phone and call Spring’s Servicing & Heating for prompt service. Customer care is at the forefront of what we do—we won’t leave you stuck without hot water for long, whether you live in High River or Airdrie.

Is Repair or Replacement Best?

Our technicians will assess your hot water tank and determine whether repairs or replacement makes more sense, keeping in mind your budget and your goals—it might be time to upgrade if your tank is particularly old and not very efficient. If your tank does need to be replaced, we recommend and install Bradford White products.

Why Spring’s Servicing & Heating for Tank Installation?

When you need to have your Calgary hot water tank replaced, you want to have a local company familiar with the various code requirements handling the work. Spring’s Servicing & Heating has the necessary permits and expertise to complete any hot water tank installation quickly, correctly and always to code.

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